Welcome to Prugu!

A rendered image of Prugu's grand launch.

Prugu (pronounced p-roo-goo) is a product-centric social media platform tailored for showcasing products and brands.

Prugu provides an inspirational, educational, and entertaining social-platform where brands and consumers can connect via content created by subject matter experts.
Content creators can be anyone who is knowledgeable with the products and brands, such as the brand’s public relations/social marketing team, consumers with detailed experiences, influencers, industry experts, and etc.

Our mission is to provide a positive platform where brands can reach their consumers, and consumers can discover and learn more about the brands and products.

Prugu currently offers 2 types of content -
Seeker and Post.

Seeker is a type of forum where inspirational stories and experiences are exchanged.
The vision behind seeker is that you can post any information related to products and brands that you’re seeking and come back later for answers.

Post is a long-form blogpost where you can let your creativity shine.
Whether it’s an unboxing haul or cool new snack you found while you’re traveling abroad, post is where you share it. You can include detailed writing about the items and include photos, so other users can discover your cool products.

Check out our tutorial page for step-by-step guide on how to create contents on Prugu.